View Full Version : MTX Audio/Amps??

05-17-2012, 09:27 AM
I see a lot of the same amps on here and know that they are all great amps, however, I was wondering why no one runs a MTX amp?? I am in the market for an amp to slowly upgrade my audio system. I have gone from a head unit and two 5 1/4 to a head unit and four 6.5s. I am running a Kenwood head unit and Kenwood 6.5s. For the time, I am going to throw a Bazooka Bass Tube up in the front until I get my box built for my other subs. I'm going to run an old Rockford Amp to the 6.5's and on old MTX amp to the sub until I can decide further. They are both older non-marine amps and I may use them until they die if I am satisfied.

The reason I ask about the MTX....my older MTX amp that I used to push two JLs in my truck got the job done and then some, so just wondering.

I also plan on adding tower speakers and changing them all out to match, probably between now and next spring. Get it done a little at a time, like I've done with my boat since I acquired it from a family member.

05-17-2012, 09:51 AM
Non marine rated amps are fine if you store your boat in a garage where temperatures and humidity don't fluctuate constantly. If you have a non-marine amp or other audio components in a boat that sits under a cover outside and heats up, cools down, and repeats the process, it will eventually cause the metal components to corrode or rust. Marine rated components prevent this.