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05-16-2012, 03:00 PM
We have a 2003 X-30 which we keep on a lift. We have no trailer and live quite literately in a swamp (that is no one I know has an X-30 trailer).

The boat has been on the lift for years but I'd like to now try to replicate the trailer bunk setup - or some of it. I do not like the two stringer bunks i have now to support the boat with ballast. Hoping to not have to empty the ballast all the time (sometimes we just go out for 30-45 minutes). This is a 30k lbs lift so no issues on that.

So would it be possible to get a photo or two of a 2003- to ?? trailer and the spread, ~angle, rise and run dimensions of the bunks?

and of course if anyone thinks this a crummy idea - I'd like to hear that as well.
Thanks --

05-16-2012, 03:13 PM
I think you are asking too much from your lift and would be asking too much from any trailer.

The trailers are not designed nor are they meant to hold a boat with full ballast on it. You say the lift is designed for 30k and I understand that. I do not believe the boat is designed to sit on a trailer or a lift with full ballast.

What I would recommend is upgrading your ballast pump system to fill and empty faster. You can call Jason at wakemakers.com and ask for suggestions on faster fill/empty times.

Short of that I have nothing to offer. Sorry.

05-16-2012, 03:28 PM
Thank you. I have gone that way for the past eight years based on your thought. And to your other point, the cost for three more pumps might be less than hardware to modify the lift - The Wakemaker guy's were the one's that got my swayed to this plan as I worked to replace a pump and add ballast. Their thinking was the boat would have no issue. I had heard that bantered around before - that the boat was fine with good support but the trailer/hitch/tow vehicle combo would be bad news (not an issue for me) or most ski boat lifts would balk (also not an issue)

Total ballast is factory plus 750# in the nose (soon) - and additional 120" each side in the back.

Good thoughts- thanks