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05-14-2012, 07:24 PM
On Sunday we took our niece (2 yrs old) to the lake with us and somehow she accidently flipped on one of our internal sacks (front one) that we are having repaired so the water came into the boat under the floor boards and we didn't notice until we pulled the boat out of the water. We had water everwhere and now I just was cleaning up the boat and found I now have water in the oil, it's milky. Any suggestions on how this could have happened or what I need to do to fit it. I'm right now doing an oil change to get good oil in the motor which I will do a couple of times but I'm also concerned that the block might be cracked due to the cool water and the hot block??


Brian B
05-14-2012, 07:51 PM
Does that boat have shut off valves for ballasts? I had to remove my KGB sac when I went to Navajo Lake in Colorado during a Quagga Mussel check... They made me leave it with them while we went out on the lake. Even without engaging the pump, the intake started siphoning and filling the bilge. Luckily I noticed early and shut of the valve.....

05-14-2012, 07:57 PM
My guess is water got above the level of the crankshaft and some water got drawn in to the crankcase thru the crank seals. Better check you trans fluid too.

I would change the trans fluid and engine oil, run the boat 3-5 hours and change both again.
You should be good after that, but keep an eye on it. I doubt cool lake water would crack your block.

Jeff d
05-14-2012, 07:58 PM
..but I'm also concerned that the block might be cracked due to the cool water and the hot block??


I doubt this would happen. It was probably just high enough to get into the front or rear main seals. Change your v-drive oil a couple of times too. Get those fluids changed and get it out on the water up to operating temp ASAP to ensure you "burn off" any water that's hiding rather than letting it sit there for any amount of time and corrode stuff. At a minimum change the fluids and idle it on the hose for 30 mins or so followed by another fluid change.

Your starter, alternator and blower may fail prematurely or they may be fine. I'd just change the fluids and let it ride until something else comes up.

05-15-2012, 01:38 PM

Thanks all for the suggestions and comments as they were very helpful. My boat does have the shut off valves at the back of the boat and they were closed, therefore after I changed the oil and restarted the engine I check and found water coming out of the engine block for the hot shower. The hose had come loose and thats what filled the boat with water and why it was hot. I put the hose back on with a new clamp, ran the engine for 45 minutes and no more water in the oil. I also checked the transition fluid and its clear. While I was at the front of the engine I also checked the air filter and it was wet (water) so I'm assuming the the water could have entered the engine there and for sure moisture did as again the water was hot. I have also cleaned the air filter. Everything else works well and my oil presure is good and my engine temperature is where it always is at 160degrees. My alternator is charging the batteries so hopefully all is well and I'm taking her to the lake yet today and then will do one more oil change tomorrow.

Again thanks for all the quick replys.