View Full Version : Acme 537 13.5 X 16 VS OJ 13.7 X17 Thoughts???

05-08-2012, 12:18 AM
I currently an running the 1235 on my original X Star with the LTR engine.
I am starting to pick up the ski a bit more and more these days. I know there was just a prop thread that was started I didn't want to hijack it so to speak.

My spare is an older CNC'd OJ 13.7 X 17. .110 cup While it wasn't the best prop for when I was boarding and weighting my boat with 3k of ballast n people comparatively speaking to the 1235, I am thinking I may give it a go again due to skiing more and more.

Was doing some research and the Acme 537 keeps coming up. While I am normally an Acme guy was wondering how that OJ will perform compared to the 537 which is 13.5 X16 with 105 cup as I have it already. Really don't want to drop 400 on a prop but if the performance is that much better with the 537 vs OJ 13.7 I may have to ditch one of my current props............thoughts. I am going to try and give a head to head if I can get my hands on a 537 to demo but that may not be an option.

I am just thinking that 1235 at the 33 I ski at is spinning a ton of rpms that I can save some gas on by dropping them with a new prop. I really don't slam my boat out as much as I used to with a big crew now that I have a family crew. So was thinking I won't miss the 1235 that much as its all a trade off.

05-08-2012, 01:25 PM
So did some testing today with my 1235 vs my 13.7 X 17 OJ

Here are some numbers

Acme 1235
3050rpm. @ 23mph
4200rpm. @ 32mph
4500rpm. @ 34mph
5550 rpm @ wot of 41 mph

Weighted up with 2700.
3300rpm @ 23mph
Holeshot at an unofficial just under 5 seconds to plane

OJ 13.7 X 17
2800rpm @23mph
3700 rpm @ 32mph
4000rpm. @34mph
5100rpm @wot 43.5mph

Weighted with 2700
3000rpm @ 23mph

Holeshot weighted at an unofficial just under 6 seconds to plane.

We forgot to do ski speed holes shots but seemed the OJ was bit quicker to ski speed off top of my head Unweighted

05-09-2012, 12:08 AM
Looking at those numbers it's clear which prop I would go with. I'm not sure on the WOT range on an LTR but 5500 is most likely high. I'm for running the lowest rpm you can and retain usable power. The OJ looks just right to me. 5100 is most likely in your WOT range.

05-09-2012, 01:41 AM

Yea my WOT with the 1235 is close to a no no. The only time it hits there is when I did the test and the first day I got it. I just never run WOT anyways. I think my limiter kicks on at 5600 and shuts the boat down/makes it stall to get revs down kind of like the governor on my truck at 110.. I knew this going in with the 1235 though. Again my boat hit the water 100% of the time to board way back when when I grabbed that prop originally.