View Full Version : HELP - Installed Battery - Intermittent Electrical Power

05-07-2012, 01:13 PM
I own a 2004 197TT w/350mcx engine.

After installing battery for first time this season there was no power to the instruments, blower, bilge pump, lights, fuel pump or starter. (Note: The kill switch lanyard is in place) Brought battery to service station and it checked out okay with and without a load applied to it. Came home cleaned all terminals, engine started and all electrical devices were working. Took it out on a maiden voyage and everything worked fine.

One week later took it back to the lake, turned on blower, backed trailer into water, engine started right up and all gauges working. Tied boat up to dock, turned off motor, left blower running and parked truck and trailer. returned to the dock, blower still running, tried to restart , nothing happened no click no fuel pump. Kill switch lanyard is in place. Checked battery connections all were tight. Turned off blower and opened engine compartment to try an diagnose, 50amp engine breaker was not tripped. went to turn blower back on and nothing. All electrical is dead. All breakers under the dash panel are not tripped either.

Need advice on what to check next would be greatly appreciated.

05-08-2012, 10:49 AM
I'm no expert but I would trace both the hot and ground to the engine and the dash. Either would cause the problem you're experiencing. Inspect the cable ends real close as corrosion can build up in the cable terminals that can be difficult to see without removing. The fact that you get no dash power would lead me to believe you have a ground problem or hot wire going to/from the dash.

I also once had a ignition switch go bad that caused a very similar issue but it was on a much older boat. Can you jiggle the key around and turn it off and on and have the symptom change at all? Any loose wires on the back of the switch?