View Full Version : Which new Rudder for 2003 X2?

05-07-2012, 11:08 AM
Hi Guys,

I've been reading through some old forums and it seems the general consensus is that the 2003-era X-series rudders are undersized and result in pretty poor steering performance. This is actually quite encouraging, as I've had my 2003 X2 for going on the 3rd summer and have been nothing but disappointed with the stress it induces trying to maneuver it around a dock or putting it on a trailer. Even compared to several other, 'cheaper' (won't mention names), inboard wake board boats (cough moom cough ba), the steering on my Mastercraft just felt anemic at best.

Ok, so enough railing on the status-quo, on to fixing it! From previous threads, it seems that the installation process of changing rudders is pretty straight forward - planning to do myself. My question is which rudder do I upgrade to? I haven't seen any part numbers thrown around, just people generally stating "06 and newer style". I have found one that is Mastercraft OEM type replacement-

2006 Maristar/X-series rudder:

And it seems that OJ makes a rudder upgrade as well (Rudder 161 and Rudder 162 on http://www.skiertoskier.com/ ).

Just curious if anyone has any thoughts on the OJ vs. Mastercraft OEM replacement? For either do I need to replace the rudder port or can I keep the original?


05-07-2012, 11:23 AM
The 162 rudder will be the one you will need. If you keep the current port I would suggest replacing the O-Rings and re greasing the port.

05-07-2012, 02:36 PM
Sounds good. One last question: was about to place the order online and the order form makes mention of a "CSX" rudder that "wakeboarders should look into". Can I safely assume this is for a different boat make and I need the 162?

thanks again,