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08-17-2005, 10:45 PM
Corn calls on Bush, Congress to address fuel prices

Saying working families suffer most when gas prices soar, Sen. Kenneth Corn called on President George W. Bush and Congress to immediately use whatever powers necessary to thwart skyrocketing gas prices.

"Many working families, especially here in southeastern Oklahoma live pay check to pay check, and cannot afford to pay $50 dollars every time they go to the pump," Corn said.

"Asking Congress and President Bush to give our citizens some relief from the high price of gasoline is the right message to send to Washington," the lawmaker said. "However, our hands are tied in the Legislature and now it is up to Congress and President Bush to immediately get these prices to a level that won't rob Oklahoma families of their hard earned money."

Corn said he is afraid with gas prices reaching $2.50 a gallon, small business owners could close their doors and the economy on main streets across America could plummet.

Corn said President Bush and Congress need to cut their summer vacation short and immediately head back to Washington to address this issue.

"As public servants we are called to be the voice of those that need help the most, and many times that means cutting our own vacations short to deal with emergency matters," Corn said. "Just as I believe here in Oklahoma we are facing a public safety crisis and should immediately return to Oklahoma City to address the emergency facing the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, I also believe it is time for President Bush and Congress to return to Washington to address the skyrocketing gas prices."

"Doing otherwise could prove very costly on the economy not only here in Oklahoma, but across the entire country."

[quote] http://www.oksenate.gov/Senators/biographies/corn_bio.html
Kenneth Corn, State Senator District 4, was elected to the Oklahoma State Senate at the age of twenty-six.

His election to the State Senate made him the second youngest member in state history and the current youngest Senator.

Corn served two terms in the Oklahoma House of Representatives prior to his service in the Senate.

He was elected at the age of 22, making him one of the youngest to serve in the Oklahoma Legislature in the history of the State.

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I, for one, must defend your avatar. When I see it, Tim Curry does not come to mind.

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I, for one, must defend your avatar. When I see it, Tim Curry does not come to mind.

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You're all talking like JOHN CENA......

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You're all talking like JOHN CENA......

and its sad i know who he is

Um, can you help me out here.

I don't know who he is.

Maybe thats a good thing?