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05-02-2012, 12:10 AM
So i have the folowing in my boat:
1. Kicker kx650.4 channel amp power four main polk audio 6.5 in boat
2. Hifonics 2000 watt dclass amp power two kicker comp vr15s
3. 2 JL AUDIO 300X2 Channel amps power nvs entity tower speakers
I have four large marine batts to back up the system with 0 gauge wire and a massive stinger capicitor. I run my sterio for a few mins on just the batts the stupid low voltage sensor kicks in followed by a long beeping sound and it shuts off the power supply. The batts never get bellow 11 volts when the subs are slamming. So my question is there anyway to bypass this stupid saftey feature? Its driving my crazy!! The boat will start up at 9 volts so Its fine on power. Please help hitting the lake saturday and I need tunes!

05-02-2012, 12:25 PM
Sure, you can add a voltage sensing solenoid and isolate the stereo bank from the starting battery that will also separately run all boating operations. This will keep the voltage sag away from the low voltage sensor.
But you have larger issues.
If you repetitively discharge consumer grade deep cycle batteries below half power (12 volts) they will quickly lose their reserves and won't last. Then they are a liability and create extra strain on your alternator.
Get rid of the stiffening capacitor. It has no place on a towboat and will eventually become problematic on anything other than a daily driver.
You need to have a substantial current capacity multi-stage dual-bank smart AC shore charger that is used immediately after every outing. The larger the system the more dependent you are on shore charging and you have long passed that threshold. A trickle/maintenance/tender charger will not cut it.
Low voltage will cause srtictly regulated amplifiers to pull more and more offsetting current. If you routinely run them with an 11 volt supply you will run them into the ground.

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