View Full Version : NVS Prodigy or Rev 10's

04-30-2012, 03:01 PM
I bought a pair of NVS Prodigy's and 2 ARC audio amps to run them about 2 months ago I got a great deal on them but have not yet installed them. Are the REV 10's leaps and bounds ahead of the NVS Prodigy's? I have a buddy who is begging me to sell them to him so getting rid of them wouldn't be an issue I just want to do it right the first time. I am at ski beach (Disco Bay, CA) frequently where everyone shows of their respective system but the only boats I have seen with the REV 10's have at least 8 Rev 10's and well its hard to use that as a comparison.

04-30-2012, 04:58 PM
Did I see you and talk to you out there last weekend? If not there there was a guy with a black Malibu with like 6 rev tens on his tower it absolutely sounded awful I'm not saying he knows what he's doing coming to tuning or stuff like that and I'm not saying the speakers are junk but he told me he has been messing with them for weeks and can't get them to sound very good. There's also a guy I know that was there he has a mb boat with a pair of 8's and 6's and a single 480 or whatever they are called his stereo sounds good but he told me he's not completely happy with them. You have great amps and a great speaker in the prodigys I would keep them and not get caught up on brands it all comes down to your ear if you think they sound good then keep em. If your not a good tuner install it all and take the boat to chucktronics and let them tune it. It will have awesome sound. I'm completely happy with my nvs speakers they are loud crisp clean my install in my boat is clean and tuned well and low maintenance and I like it. If someone has a stereo louder than me who cares I didn't buy mine to have a stereo competition each weekend. The other thing is Duane is a really nice guy he really knows his stuff and his customer service is top notch he stands behind his product

04-30-2012, 09:34 PM
The NVS Prodigy in my opinion is one of the smoothest speakers out there. I don't think NVS gets much props or the following they deserve because they don't spend s ton in marketing and are not in a ton of shops. Duwayne is top notch and NVS is nothing but quality. I am nit going to say one is better than the other as that is purely subjective....I personally would love to have NVS speakers on my tower, but my local shop and dealer that hooks me up is strictly wetsounds so I choose to promote them as my shop takes care of me. I know of at least 5 guys I have heard who have NVS and they sound awesome.

If u ask me power and tune the nvs properly and enjoy being unique and different and still thump clear smooth sounds. If you want the name sell you bud the prodigys and buy the WS. Your prodigys compete all day with Rev series