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04-16-2012, 04:29 PM
Hello all - I just purchased a 2004 Prostar 209 and none of the speakers are working. I can hear the subwoofer fine - the xmd3 deck works fine - both amps have power - all fuses I can find seam fine -- but there is no sound coming from the other 6 speakers? Has anyone run into this before? I've googled a bit and found some people with similar problems but no great answers. Any help you all may have would be appreciated! thanks!

04-16-2012, 08:21 PM
Take a look in the owners manual and see if there is a provision to go into the HU menu and reset the preamp outputs to fullrange. In certain models there is a default lowpass on the rear preout that is triggered by a loss of power and that would have the coaxials appearing to be off. It's a starting point. Let us know.

Earmark Marine

04-16-2012, 08:34 PM
Need more info on your stereo system.

Does it have separate amps for the speakers and sub?
How many amps total?
Are you SURE the amps that drive the speakers are turning on? Is there some sort of light on?
Have you checked the gain on the amps?
Have you checked the fuses that should be within a foot of the battery?
Have you check the fuses in the amplifiers? Some amps have "side covers" that will hide the wiring, the fuses, etc. There WILL BE fuses on the amplifiers, make sure those are good.
Are all RCA's connected securely?
Does your head unit require that you "turn on" RCA output?

Those are some things to check to be sure everything is hooked up right. If the sub is playing, it's putting out a signal to the sub's amp. You need to figure out why the signal isn't getting sent to the speaker amp(s).

04-17-2012, 08:44 AM
what David is saying is sort of what I have read about. On the stereo I can choose some preamp settings like 50, 80, 120 or Rear. I've tried all of those and it does not seem to do anything different. Just makes the sub louder or quieter.

There are separate amps for the sub an speakers. 2 amps total. The amp for the speakers does have power - the light is on. I have not checked the gain on there - but will try that. The fuses by the battery are all good. I have found one fuse on outside of the speaker amp - that was good. Have not looked for any under any covers but i'll check. All the RCA's appear to be connected correctly. I can't see anything in the menus that allow me to "turn on" the rca out puts.

To be honest this Clarion deck sucks if you ask me. Horrible design and not intuitive to use.

04-17-2012, 09:23 AM
Does it have any kind of Dual Zone setting?

04-17-2012, 11:53 AM
not that I can find... again the interface for this thing sucks. Not any of the usual buttons or adjustments - everything is hidden. But I don't think anything exists like that

04-17-2012, 12:10 PM
Did some searching, came across this... might see if it helps:

Service Advisory # 2003.JULY.SA-005
Condition: Clarion has continued to upgrade product and has done so with the stereo equipment for the 2004 model year. MasterCraft technicians were not aware of a "programming change" necessary for boats equipped with tower speakers and/or subwoofers. This simple adjustment is made utilizing the button on the stereo unit face to the far right (top button).

Procedure: The following will restore the programming of the rear RCA pre-amp outputs to full frequency range.

1) Press and hold "Title/ADJ" button for two seconds
2) Use "SEARCH" button to scroll through the menu until the display reads "SW LPF".
3) Press the "VOL UP/DOWN" button to engage "REAR" full frequency range audio signal.
4) Once the desired adjustments are completed, press "TITLE/ADJ" button to exit program menu.



You may have to change something other than "SW LPF" since your sub is working. But maybe there's "FR LPF" or "RR LPF" for the front and rear RCA outputs.

Edit - Actually thinking about this more, it makes sense that if the LPF is on, your speakers won't be. It's probably only allowing signals of up to maybe 50 or 80hz to be sent out, so you'll never hear the highs. Did you notice by chance if the woofer portion of your speakers are working at all?

That head unit sounds like a PITA. I wouldn't be happy if I had to do that sort of adjustment every weekend.

04-17-2012, 12:58 PM
thanks for the help - but I have tried that. I can change it to 50, 80, 120 or full. Does not affect it. you can hear it affect the sub. but nothing from the speakers. I dont believe there are any low frequency sounds coming from them. But I will double check that.

04-17-2012, 01:47 PM
I had the same issue on my 2004 X9. My amp was blown. It still powered up but it didn't work. A quick fix is to hook the speakers up directly to the head unit. You can run it like that until you get a replacement amp.

04-18-2012, 10:23 AM
so of course it worked out like this....

Last night went in to look into all of this deeper regarding the stereo/speaker issues. turned the key and all is working fine! Go figure. Not sure if something was loose, something reset itself - or what. But its all working now. My concern now is when is the problem going to return? I guess we'll see. I think its time for a new head unit as I don't like the way this one is set up. Sounds awesome though I will say that.

Thanks for all of your help!

04-18-2012, 11:28 AM
Glad you got it working.

04-20-2012, 11:04 PM
So of course it is not working again. Connections are all fine... Nothing has changed, boat is sitting in my garage from the time it worked to time it does not now. I have no idea. Maybe the deck is junk? Maybe the amp?

04-21-2012, 12:45 AM
Try switching the RCA's that go to your subs amp into your speaker amp. See if you can get some bass from the speakers that way. Also try putting the RCA's from your speaker amp to the sub amp. That will at least let you know whether the amp is dead or the head unit. My guess would be the amp, since the head unit is sending a signal to the subwoofer amp.

You have an amp in a car or something that you could swap out for your speaker amp to see if it makes a difference?

Also, check the ground connections at the amplifier and at wherever you grounded them to.

05-07-2012, 03:23 PM
so just a final update on this... the problem was the amp. Something must have gone out on the amp internally. Replaced the amp and all is well!

06-03-2015, 01:01 AM
vshdesign.....I think I 've got the same problem. Must be time to replace the amp. Ugh.