View Full Version : New boards this season!

Brian B
04-11-2012, 09:46 PM
Got myself (and friends) some new boards to ride this season!

First is a 2011 Ronix Ibex Parks edition wakeboard. Been eyeballing these for awhile now and a new friend happened to have one for sale. Been ridden one time, and I picked it up for $170. I alsohave some new Ronix KAI bindings on order!

I'm also waiting on a new surfboard! I got a smoking deal on a brand new 2011 4'-4" Ronix 1 skimmer.

To say I'm excited for this summer would be an understatement! Hoping to log 100 hours this season.......


Here's a list of crap I've done, or doing to the boat........

In the last week........ In no particular order........

Checked and greased wheel bearings on trailer
Installed new ballast pickup screen
Installed new ballast pump
Changed oil and filter
Changed gear oil
Changed impeller
Changed spark plugs
Installed new trailer guide pole covers
Greased steering cable, and rudder

Coming soon...........
Removing all decals including registration
Full detail and gel coat work
New Mastercraft Chrome molded logos going on
New chrome registration tags
Installing Perfect Pass Stargazer
Installing sea strainer