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04-06-2012, 04:39 PM
I have an 06 X-15 with the 4 JL in boat speakers and 2 JL tower speakers. Has anyone taken the speakers off the tower and mounted them in the boat? If so where did you mount them (I was thinking in the fiberglass below the seat cushion behind your legs basically facing forward or something like that)? I put a pair of NVS Prodigy's on the tower and have no need for them, so its either sell them as a whole or take them out and make the in boat audio better?

04-06-2012, 04:43 PM
quick answer... the tower speakers and in boat speakers are different - towers are designed for the baffle of the cans, in boats are designed for the infinite baffle.

David will be here soon to impart all wisdom.

04-06-2012, 06:05 PM
I'll play along.

04-06-2012, 06:34 PM
I'll play along.

The Guru of sound is entertained? :D

04-07-2012, 09:05 AM
Just echoing WillyT's comments which are spot on and resisting the compulsion to write a long explanation. Wouldn't that be a riot?

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