View Full Version : WTB - MC for growing family

03-26-2012, 11:34 PM
I am fairly new to the forum and have read lots of great info on MC boats. I need the help of the experts in helping pick a family-oriented MC in the $15000 or less category. I have read a great deal about the 205 and that it is a great hull.

I am wondering what the MC faithful feel about the short lived Tristar 220 or the early Maristar 210 or 225 direct drive or v-drive?

In general, the use will be family fun like tubing, but would like to teach my now 16 month old to slalom and foot as he gets older. I also have to keep the wife happy by having enough room for everyone.

We love our 87 ProStar 190 with the powerslot (which is for sale if interested), but have out grown it.

Thank you for any and all help.

03-26-2012, 11:49 PM
That's a sweet boat! Where in the midwest are you? What are you asking for it?