View Full Version : Repaired my broken table plug

08-12-2005, 06:58 PM
For all of you that have a cockpit table, you either will experience or have experienced the top portion coming unglued. It appears that the designers took the plastic end that screws to your table pole and glued a top to it - to make a plug. No problem if the glued would hold.

Anyhow, I was at the local Boater's World and just happen to see the below piece and thought it might fit. It does with no trimming necessary. Thought I would share.

This is the item that I bought. Stainless steel version was $40 bucks (ouch). They did have a plastic version ($20 bucks), but I have had enough with plastic:


The latch comes with a couple of loose pieces that you will not need. Here is the broken plug:

I just roughed up the plug, cleaned the latch, and put some 3M epoxy around the edge. Don't have to use 3M, but make sure whatever it is, it is very strong. Finished product:

I guess not enough tables were sold as an option to warrant a better plug being designed as a replacement. Some of you may have the resources to fabricate your own cheaper than what I paid.