View Full Version : 92 Prostar speaker cutout locations

03-15-2012, 09:29 PM
92 Prostar 205 open bow, no stereo in it from the factory, but does have speaker cutouts. From reading on here, and feeling around in the boat, there are two cut outs towards the rear, on each side. It also seems like there are cutouts right behind the driver's and (behind/in front of the observer seat depending on how you describe it). Is this correct?

Also, it feels like there are cutouts on both sides of the walk through to the bow, is that correct or am I just dreaming?

east tx skier
03-15-2012, 09:30 PM
You're correct on the first four. I don't think there are any in the walthrough oem.

03-16-2012, 08:33 AM
My 92 has speakers in the rear , and in the walk-through , but not any next to the driver or observers seat .
Most 205's ive seen have them OEM in the front and rear of the side panels like yours . My interior was factory when I bought this boat and there were no holes for the speakers up by the driver or observer in the side panel .
Now as far as the walk through being OEM in my boat , id have to say I dont have a clue ..If they are not , the guy did a really good job putting them in ..They look OEM ...

03-24-2012, 06:23 PM
Ok cool thanks for the help