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03-14-2012, 07:32 PM
Im in the process of replacing the stock clarion audio equipment in my 04 X30 with JL equipment. I'm planning on running 2 tower speakers (possibly upgrade to 4 at a later date), 2 10" open air subs, 4 in cabin speakers.

What type of amp setup do I need to run? I have only bought one 10" sub at this time and am wondering on the size and number of channels on the amps. Looks like it is common to run two amps-one for the tower speakers and subs and one amp for the cabin speakers.

At this point I am planning on keeping my stock cans and running two 7" JL speakers in them. As far as the in cabin speakers, I may go to four 7.7" speakers.

I'm up to suggestions at this point, just trying to slowly add pieces over the next couple of months.


03-14-2012, 07:50 PM
Also, my boat is in storage right now, so I cannot measure. Are the stock clarion cabin speakers 6.5" and the tower 7"? This is for an 04 X30.

I'm looking to go with a JL 7.7" cabin speaker. I'm assuming that I will need to enlarge the 6.5" hole to 7.7"? Is it as simple as this, or do I need an adapter of some sort.


03-21-2012, 04:58 PM
It's kind of up to you on how to run the amps. It really depends on the number of speakers and the power that you need. It also depends on your budget. I see a lot of guys running the JL Audio M600/6 and that's 75w x 6 channels and a separate amp for the sub(s).

If you think you're going to upgrade to the 4 towers later(8 spkrs total + 2 subs), I would run two M700/5.

03-21-2012, 11:35 PM
Ok. Update. Here's what I've got so far...

I've got two JL 10" free air subs. Going to run a JL 1800 amp to power them.
I'm planning but have not purchased four JL 7.7" component speakers and I already have a JL 6450 amp to power them.
I have two wetsounds Pro 60 tower speakers, but yet to have an amp for them.

What amp should I get to power the Wetsounds. I'm planning on two right now, may go with four in the future.


03-22-2012, 12:02 AM
You would have to either run the MHD600/4 because the Pro 60's need 150w or you could run the M400/4 and bridge it. The MHD would have the room to expand, the M would not.