View Full Version : how ridiculously tight should new skins be?

03-06-2012, 10:29 PM
I just got in new bottom seat skins from mastercraftskins.com and am beginning to fear they may be too small. I'm replacing 5 lower seat cushion skins. The first went on pretty good but now the remaining 4 are so tight i can't get them on the seats. I measure the length of the seam vs the length of the seat cushion frame on the one that fit easy and they are maybe a quarter to a half inch different. The others differ by excess of an inch. How different can these dimensions be and still be okay. Also, how difficult shod it be to stretch these skins? Any tricks to get them to stretch? If i stretch them to fit, will they shrink up afterwards and look like crap?

I'm getting a bit concerned as they told me that they had to hire new people to address tneir current workload and worriedthat maybe a lesser experienced person did these and goofed. I'm hoping that it is just my inexperience and these are supposed to be this tight and i just need some inside knowledge on a stretching procedure...but again the first skin went on without a hitch and tbe remainder are way way tighter.

Thanks - jason