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03-04-2012, 07:35 PM
I wax my boat every year and sometimes twice a year. Every time I take it out of the river the bottom will be stained from the water. It only sits in the water for the weekend. My freinds boat sits right next to ot and it doesn't stain like mine. Is there a sealer wax that I shoould be useing? I have to acid wash every time I take it out. It is a 92 205. With a white bottom. What woould ya'll use?

Jeff d
03-04-2012, 08:20 PM
I have the same issue accept last year I compounded and polished and waxed one side of my hull. I lost motivation after it got hot and opted only to wax the other side. Well, after the season the polished side still looks great. The side that I only waxed has they typical brow stain. So, you might want to buff it with a fine polishing compound. I use 3m finnese it if I remember correctly.

03-23-2012, 11:51 AM
I have fought this issue for years! I believe that I have finally found the best solution.
First, the acid washing actually makes things a little worse. I used to Zing mine at the beginning of every season, just to get it white. It always looked so nice when I got done. I then compounded, polished and waxed it. The finish would slowly get dingy over the course of the season. After much research I found that the acid washing can actually micro pit the gel coat which without any wax actually fills in with the dirt and you get that brown hull all over again after the wax starts wearing off. (See below)

We always wipe down the boat immediately after removing it from the water to get the ring off. We used an Absorber (synthetic towel) which works awesome at cleaning the boat while absorbing all of the water quite easily. What I didn't realize all of those years was that it's rubbery surface was actually rubbing the wax off. Towels did too, just not as fast.

My solution:
Step 1: Zing (or some other acid wash) Zing is pretty harsh and takes some care when using.
Step 2: A GOOD compounding (there are some other posts where folks have done the wet sanding that looked REAL nice but that is beyond my comfort level))
Step 3: good polish and high quality wax (I use the Meguiar's Flagship)
Step 4: The most important lesson I have learned.
Apply Babe's Boat Bright and wipe down with a MICROFIBER towel every time I take the boat out of the water!!

The secret to this last step is that the Boat Bright has a mild cleaner that takes the scum line off with ease and because it has a small amount of liquid wax in it, it keeps the boat looking like you just waxed it. The more you use it, the easier everything comes off. The microfiber towel doesn't take the wax off like the Absorber does. Buy a nice thick microfiber towel or a microfiber mitt. The smaller towels tend to roll up as you are wiping.

Starbright makes a similar product called Quick Clean and I have also used Bass Boat Saver. I liked the Babe's because I can buy a gallon and refill the original sprayer which works better. It is also cheaper by the gallon.

I buy the Babe's Seat Soap everytime I make an order also. It truly has saved my seats. I learned the hard way that I was using cleaners on my seats that were too harsh and actually caused my seats to become more stiff and brittle over time, which led to cracking. The Seat Soap cleans as good as anything I have ever used (and that's a lot), plus it has an emollient in it that immediately makes the vinyl feel like supple leather furniture.
It also has a nice smell.

You can get Babe's online or at most marine supply stores.
(No, I don't work for them. I have just tried almost every commercial product out there, that include all of the 3M stuff, household cleaners, commercial stuff, magic erasers, etc..)

Good Luck!

03-23-2012, 12:28 PM
+1 for Babes, used 303 for years and switched to Babes last year and like the product so much better

03-23-2012, 03:56 PM
+ 1 more for Babes! We use their whole line of products.

I have also used Bass Boat Saver.
I have a gallon of Bass Boat Saver left over from my bass boat days. It works great as a back up when I run out of Boat Bright.

03-23-2012, 04:31 PM
I've used Zing for an acid wash too and it will take the brown out but I hate the thought of using acid wash on gelcoat, etc. I only had to do it once after the boat was docked for a week straight.

I'd agree with the idea of buffing, just buffed mine with 3M Imperial Compound and Finishing material and then put two coats of wax on via hand. It looks sharp so hopefully it stays that way all summer.

I will also place a big vote for Babe's Boat Bright. I keep my boat on a lift (with a canopy) from April til October and I wiped the boat down with Babes every weekend and it helped a ton keeping the boat in good shape. It's not cheap but worth it....and smells a ton better than vinegar/water (others have sugggested this).