View Full Version : How To: Install JL tweeters in MC pods

03-01-2012, 10:04 AM
Hey guys, tried to search and couldn't find an answer.

I purchased used MC tower cans without speakers. I than purchased new JLs with separate tweeters. How do these tweeters mount in the pods? It doesn't look like the JL provided mounting hardware is used.

JL provides two small plastic outer rings, one is for flush mount and one seems to match up with the pod shape and size but seems to be designed to access from thew back to install.

In the pod there are like six taped threaded holes that must somehow be used. I can modify (drill holes is plastic ring) to make it work but first I thought I'd make sure I didn't just miss something. It's possible that I don't have some part of the MC hardware, I know I don't have the six little screws that were probably used.