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02-24-2012, 08:30 AM
I currently have a 2010 142 Byerly Monarch with Hyperlite Team bindings. The bindings have been ripping out since I got them, and I have been sewing them back up with spider wire. On a side note, this is the 3rd pair of Hyperlite bindings I've had and all 3 have torn out (2 of them in less than a month). I'm done with Hyperlite bindings. I just got a new pair Ronix One bindings this winter. I have been thinking about getting a new board to go with them for only me to ride. I currently let everyone else that comes out use my board, and I decided that if I'm spending the money for new equipment, I don't want other people wearing it out.

I found a closeout deal for a 2010 146 Ronix One board, and was wondering if anyone's had any experience with it. I've already read bturner2's post, and I don't think I'll have his dislikes. Also, I'm a little concerned with the 146 being a bigger board. I'm 6'1" and 210 lbs, so not that it will be too big for me, just more board to get around on inverts. My new One bindings are lighter than my old team bindings, so maybe that will make up for the extra board.

I don't have the ability to demo boards before hand, so I always have to make the decision based on reviews and other's comments

02-24-2012, 10:25 AM
6'1" congrats on doing inverts... sounds like a better solution might be a 2012 X-Star :D :D :D and that huge wake. Don't know where you are, but I have a buddy who runs Pine Lake Ski School in Michigan and Action Sports... As for Dirk. 6'1" and 201 lbs. that's a lot of stress on launch and landing on any board/binding. I can just imagine how much for you generate when you punch off the wake throw your wake.