View Full Version : testing ballast system in garage

02-14-2012, 01:41 PM
Ok so I'm on a tear this week with trying to get the boat 100% so she'll be ready to go next month. last year my front sac would not fill at all and my rear would fill then empty out slowly. I checked the pumps, impellers, etc and everything looked fine. I'm going to change out all the check valves since I am thinking this may be the problem. My boat is parked in the garage for winter in a non movable way. I don't want to pull it out since it took hours to get in. Can I use a similar method to the 5 gallon bucket trick and drop the main house into the bucket to test the system? This would require the hose to be elevated and quite frankly I'm in the infant stages of learning about ballast workings. Just want to be accurate in my problem solving. I can empty the sacs into a bucket out of the hull after or drain the bags manually and just put a bucket under my hull plug