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01-17-2012, 10:52 AM
Hello everyone! After many months of debate, last October we finally ordered a New Dimension Tower for our 190 Prostar. The family members are growing older and the wake boarders are taking over the boat, but the skiers are still paying the bills. :D So we are keeping the Prostar for some time. The tower + ballast are the happy medium for all for now.
Tower finally arrived late December from NDT. However I ran in to few issues with the tower installation and need some help from fellow members. I am hoping one of you saved their installation sheet and has the general tower leg dimensions sheet. The instructions and the leg dimensions sheet came with the tower are copied so light it is impossible to read.
The second issue is the bolt kit is missing the 4 black quick disconnect knobs. I did a quick ebay and web search and the knobs are about 70 to 80 bucks a piece and I am missing 4. Does anyone know of other source for these knobs?
Appreciate the support!

01-17-2012, 11:00 AM
I would start with requesting a new installation instruction sheet from Chad at New Dimensions. He was very helpful for me a few years back when I ordered my tower for my 99 Sportstar. You would think he could send a new version of the installation instructions as well as the knobs you are missing.

I would find 4 volunteers to assist in the placement of your tower. I roughly used the dimension from the sheet for installation more of a hold in place and measure the distance from the bow to each of the front leg's. I had 4 friends hold in place just above the fiberglass as to not damage and I walked around all angles to make sure it look absolutely perfect.

I also applied a few layers in the areas of the leg attachment points so when we were holding the tower up above the boat we could not scratch the boat. Also reccommend when drilling through the hull.

01-17-2012, 11:29 AM
I was debating between Sampson Razor and New Dimension. I have decided on New Dimension to retain the stock look of the Prostar. So I ordered the tower from New Dimension direct. It is a new tower. With all the issues I had with this order, I do regret the decision to go with New Dimension. I left many voice mails and send many emails to Chad with no replay. It appears New Dimension and Chad does not respond to customers after the sale. At this point I just want to put all the issues with New Dimension behind and finish the install. I am hoping someone has the dimensions and a vendor for the knobs.
Thanks again!

01-17-2012, 11:44 AM
Not sure what the instructions say as I didn't have any, but get the bolts you need.
Bolt it up tight together, lined up, on the ground.
Tape area on gel where it will sit.
Pick up with 2 people and set it on the boat.
Get it perfectly lined up front/back, side to side. It will "sit" in the right spot with respect to the contours of the deck.
Mark where the holes are to be drilled.
Reference the hole measurements where you can transfer them close to the underside of the deck and look under there for interference. On my 190 the back bolts had no interference, fronts, had to cut out a wire loom holder or 2 to get the bolts thru.
Get the interference out of the way.
Set tower back on boat, line up the holes again.
Double check the measurements that it is symmetrical everywhere.
Stop and have a beer.
Re check all the measurements again. (On mine I adjusted "slightly" out of symmetrical to get a better fit on the deck. Only about 1/4" iirc. My tower was used and had been repaired, maybe that's the reason it didn't line up "perfect.")
Drill holes.
Mark the hole with good crosshairs so you can check while drilling successive sizes that you are still perfectly on center.
Start with a small bit 1/4"?, run it backwards thru the gel so as not to "catch" the gelcoat and chip/crack it.
Work your way up in size about 1/8" at a time, same procedure. When you're almost up to the size you need, use a larger bit then the bolts and run it backwards, lightly, just thru the gel to "chamfer" the gel back larger than your final hole size. Again to keep any chipping or stress cracks from happening. You don't want the thru bolt to be able to touch gel when it's installed.
Drill final hole to bolt size, remove the tape and put the tower back on with the pads under the legs and poke the bolts thru.
Trim backing plates under the deck to fit around any contours so that they lay flat against the underside of the deck. As long as the backing plates have as much or more area than the tower legs, you're good. Don't trim them too small, build up a bit underneath with fiberglass if you have to (I didn't).
Tighten the bolts down with loctite them.
Trim the tower leg pads to shape.
Go use the tower (or start installing lights, racks, speakers, etc).
Took a buddy and I a good 4-5hrs, but there was more than 1 beer break!

Here's a couple pics on a prostar so you can see about where it mounts up. Just tape off a big area so you can move the tower around when positioning it.

I'd try ND again. They were helpful to me and I didn't ven buy a new tower from them, bought some racks that didn't work and found out they didn't fit because my tower was one of the first ones built apparently and see it has no "plate" to mount the racks to. Took ND a bit to figure it out until I sent them a pic. They graciuosly took back the racks.