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01-02-2012, 01:35 AM

I have a Mastercraft Prostar 190 year model 1995 with the Indmar 5.7 Fuel Injection engine and the perfect pass is not working correctly.

The issue seems to be related to the Perfect Pas not getting sufficient power, but I may be wrong.

Originally the Perfect Pass would cut in and out (starting beeping and the screen would display the start up Perfect Pass message that would normally appear when starting the boat, starts to flash on and off in a scrambled fashion) while the stereo was turned up loud. Once the Stereo was turned down the Perfect Pass would operate normally and be OK.

The other day the Perfect pas started to cut in and out with symptoms as above when the boat was started, stereo was of and no other electrical accessories were switched on. The Perfect Pass didn't stop cutting in and out and started to operate normally, however after a couple of sets wakeboarding (with the boat load) the Perfect Pass stop controlling the speed of the boat.

The same thing happened today when we took it out. We started the boat and the Perfect Pass started to beep and screen display was flashing on and off and scrambled, after a couple of 2 minutes it began to operate normally. During in the 6th set of the morning the perfect pass stopped controlling the speed. If we use another electrical accessory such as the stereo at all, or the bilge or blower the beeping changes tempo. Sometimes the beeping slows or increases.

We have a new battery and checked the volts whilst the is running and it fine at 12 volts. We have checked all the wires connections for corrosion and sound connections and everything looks OK. We ride in saltwater, but the boat is washed down/flushed with fresh water after each use.

Do you have any ideas of what the problem maybe?

east tx skier
01-02-2012, 11:16 AM
Go to your settings menu in Perfect Pass and check the voltage the Perfect Pass is getting. Then, turn up your stereo and see what happens. If PP drops below 11 volts (IIRC), you will have problems. Do a search on here for instructions on wiring Perfect Pass directly to your battery. I have never done it, but that has worked well for a lot of people.