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12-09-2011, 09:16 PM
Where can I find the stock ballast for a 2001 x-series that would be equivilant to a Mari-star 210? Would it be more beneficial to just go with bags or the hard tanks? Where can I put the switches where they will look nice? Would ballast even benifit a 2001 MS210 hull? what can i expect or should i just save up? I am looking to one day be "better" on my board, and my father-in-law wants to learn to surf. Any ideas?

12-09-2011, 09:35 PM
I had an '03 230 Maristar and this is what I did for ballast:

(2) 400# sacs in rear lockers (you may be able to fit 750's here)
(1) 750# sac in walkway
I also had some lead in the ski locker, not sure how much (maybe 300#?)

I never got around to installing pumps and switches but you could set your boat up just like an X-10 of that vintage (same boat as yours)
"wakescene" on here has you same boat and I think he made a ballast system for his.

Once you have it dialed-in your wake should be awesome!

Hopefully some X-10 owners will chime in.

12-11-2011, 12:04 AM
Now that u are wanting more weight you will only continue to want even more as you progress. So I say do it right one time and just go for 750's. You can always fill them up less. They will fit in your 210 no problem, they fit in a smaller 205v/x1 compartment perfectly.

A good place for the switches and where the factory ones were in 2000-2011 is on the side panel under and the shifter/throttle. With the 750's and the surf you are going to want a ski locker bag and a bow bag as well to offset the rear weight. Anytime you add weight to rear you need to counter it in the bow. Easiest way if you don't mind a sac in the walkway. A 3rd 750. More expensive yet fully concealed way a fly high integrated bow sac for under the bow cushions and a rear bench sac for your ski locker. I can't recall for sure the ski locker dimensions of the 210 but I do know its bigger than my 205v and I think that bigger rear bench/seat sack will fit.

A one stop shop for all you need with good prices, tons of knowledge, and great one on one service is Jason at wakemakers.com. they are by far the best in the ballast biz. Oh yea go bags all the way. You get way more weight and when they are empty you lose zero storage.