View Full Version : 205V/ X1/ X-Star Flooring, Top Deck Assembly Questions and Carpet Install Questions

11-11-2011, 01:24 PM
So I had to postpone my spring carpet install project until now. Just have a few questions that I couldn't find answers to.

On the side of the floor next to the observers bench the carpet wraps around the edge of the floor and goes between the fiberglass seat base and where the floor meets. It looks as if my floor is actually thru bolted to the base of the observers bench as there is a small gap that runs from there to where it meets the walkthrough of the bow. I didn't think my floor was removeable at all except for the one center piec to access the gas tank, hoses and bilge stuff. Just kind of struck me as odd as the rest of the floor seems to be ones solid piece under the seat bases everwhere . I know a pic will illustrate it the best but my camera/phone battery was dead today. Just trying to fig out how to get the new carpet installed looking as factory as possible. And tho there is a small gap i cant get a finger in there.

I assumed the floor was part of the bottom deck and that the seat bases the top and the only way to remove the seat bases and get to the floor would be to unbolt the entire boat at the rubrail. Which obviously I am not going to do. Hoever after noticing the gap and the tru bolt it got me second guessing that.

Should I get a rubber gasket to glue aroud the edges of the seatbases on the cockpit side since I will have to butt up against it rather than run the carpet under and straight thru? I have seen that on other mfg's boats. If so where would I get something like that.

Or this has crossed my mind........do you think I should just make a snap in template to go over the original carpet with a nice sewn edge on it? Should I rip out all the original carpet to the fiberglass and then do the snap in? How hard is it to get that old glue completely off? What would you guys do? Obviously the easiest is just go have a snap in carpet made and drop it in, but being a 12 yr old original edition I am kind of wanting it to look as factory as possible and am concerned the snap in may not do it justice.

I recall MYMC offering those temmpletes for 205V's back in the day. I couldn't find them any longer on their site tho(well Charlotte Ski Boats). Anyone know who made them for MYMC?

11-12-2011, 08:13 AM
For what it's worth, I had a similar challenge with my Maristar when I bought it. Here's a link to some pics of my boat where I opted to simply put snap in carpet over the existing carpet. I think it was about $400 for the upholstery shop to do this for me. No complaints whatsoever...it's great to be able to pull the carpet out and clean it any time I want.

Hope this helps!


11-12-2011, 09:57 AM
Looks sharp thanks. I reallly wanted to keep it as factory as possible. Especially seeing some of the restores on this site. However I think the snap in idea is so much less time consuming and I really like the idea of snap out more and more to just pull out and clean