View Full Version : 2009 Liquid Force S4 and 2009 Soven Boots

11-06-2011, 01:22 AM
The board is a 2009 LF S4 (142) and it comes with 2009 LF Soven boots. The board was used only behind a boat, never in a cable park, or anything like that. It has also never seen slider use, purely a boat wake only used board.

The board has some slight peeling of the base sheet on the bottom near the molded in fins, however nothing serious. The boots are in near mint condition and are in size 10/11. (I'm a size 11 Shoe).

I really need to get rid of this board, and was considering letting it go for around $200 (buyer pays shipping), considering the board at retail at year end is $300, and the boots are still running $350 plus at year end. I know its two years out of date, but the board and boots have remained relatively similar since 2009.

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