View Full Version : new boat shaft seal issue

10-09-2011, 07:24 PM
I had my new X2 out today (12 hrs on it). I wakeboarded this morning, then we went for a cruise for a couple of hours with a few stops mixed in. I finally talked my girlfriend into wakeboarding since the waterís warmed with this awesome weather. She successfully pulled off her first dock start, but my boat wasnít accelerating and it was vibrating a lot. I stopped, shut the boat off, and got her out of the water. I restarted the boat and backed up a little because sometimes weeds can get caught on the prop and cause similar symptoms. The boat seemed to run fine when I did a few little accelerations, never even getting on plane. I pulled the boat out, and there was a decent stream of water coming out around my shaft. It was also steaming. I touched the water and it was hot. I continued to get the boat ready to trailer home, and water kept coming out for several minutes. When I tied down the front of the boat, I bumped it a little and quite a bit of water came out of the exhaust ports in the back of the boat. At the same time, my shaft quit draining water. I donít know if itís just coincidence, or how my shaft seal could be tied into the engine exhaust. I also donít ever remember having water spill out of the exhaust ports like that. Anyone have any ideas? I think theyíve gone do a different shaft seal than the old wax packing ring Iím familiar with.

10-09-2011, 09:20 PM
On my 09 X2, water shoots out from the shaft seal under the hull when I run it in the driveway and this is normal. MC switched from packing rope to this type of set up a few years back. So this is normal and would guess the same applies to you as well. I don't know where the water comes from to feed the shaft seal, e.g., raw water line (cool water) or connected in some way that pulls water off the exhaust (hot water). Since you saw steam I'm guessing the later. You might also check the transmission cooler screen to make sure you didn't suck up any weeds that may be restricting water flow for cooling which might explain why the water from the shaft log was hot.