View Full Version : Anyone surfing with a Maristar230??

Tuna Cowboy
09-17-2011, 09:59 AM
Gonna set up my boat this winter with some plumbed in ballast bags from wakemakers...is anyone out there surfing with this same boat?...i was thinking about a 1000-1100 lb bag for the back port locker for starters....a 300 for the port floor....what about putting one in the floor ski locker?...I don't use that space at all...only to store the table which I could move...not sure on where to weight this boat for a surf wake. I'm also going to make a new swim platform for surfing, I read that on here quite a bit and it looks like it really works. Can you add a trim tab to this boat? And does that make a huge difference? This is my first year with the boat and really all I want to do is surf behind it. I had a 550 bag in the locker and a 300 on the floor but couldn't let go of the rope..so close...but no dice. Which really blows. Maybe this is a really hard boat to surf behind? I don't really want to change boats, like I said I just got this one and it's a 2000 with 105 hours on it...great shape/price...and love all the room. Anyway...any feedback would be great for this model boat, I would like to set it up properly once. Thanks guys...what a great forum this is!

04-19-2012, 11:57 AM
Currently surfing behind a 2001 Maristar 230. This boat is essentially an X-30, same hull, but without the tower and ballast coming as stock options. Throws a pretty good surf wake with the right ballast set up. Ideally, I think you would want ballast in the each of the back two compartments, ski locker, and under the front side seats and be able to fill up your preferred side on the back and front compartments.

I'd suggest modeling after the X-30 ballast set up. All I have is an external pump with a couple of bags which is a huge hassle to mess with so setting up the auto ballast would definitely be nice. Hope this helps.