View Full Version : Transmission "Clunking"

09-14-2011, 10:44 AM
I have not done any "posting" before so I am not sure where I am sending this but here goes. I just purchased a '93 Prostar 190 and everything is going great except when I put the boat in reverse. When I ease the lever back the transmission goes into reverse with a bang that can be felt throughout the boat that is followed by a shudder. After this it backs up great. The boat has a Quicksilver Reman. Trans that says TRO 5321 / Model 1.00 that was just put in when I bought the boat from a dealer (non-M/C dealer). The boat is super smooth shifting going into drive. Other inboards I have driven have not banged into reverse. I am wondering if there is problem. I have very much enjoyed and found very informative all the discussion here on your forum. You folks truly enjoy your boats. I have not had a boat for a long time and I am loving it. Thanks.

09-14-2011, 06:24 PM
Maybe the shifter cable needs adjusted ,if if goes into reverse as the throttle is being opened it could have something to do with it.After I replaced my motor this spring i had a simmular expirience (maybe not as bad as you describe ).there is a cotter pin on the shift cable pull it out and the end of the cable turns and adjusts ,add a little length and it may go into reverse gear alittle sooner before the throttle starts being applied. I am not an expert but this may be your problem especially since your trans was just installed.