View Full Version : strut/alignment '94 powerslot

09-11-2011, 09:42 AM
A few questions about alignments.

My prop doesn't turn easily so I followed the attached document posted here on teamtalk to check my alignment. After detaching the couplers I found that the strut is pointed such that the shaft rubs on the side of the hole in the hull.

For now I want to just reattach things so I can use the boat. I had detatched the couplers and spun the shaft a few times (don't know the position it started in). Can I now just reattach the couplers? The document makes reference to the pilot boss and pilot bore. Will those two engage without having to do anything else?

When I fix the issue:

-Any reccomendations as to whether I should 1.) get a new stut, 2.) see if the old one can be bent, 3.) or create some sort of shim to re-aim the existing strut?

-How do you get the coupler off the shaft when it comes time to remove the stut and shaft?

-Any tips on adjusting the engine with the mounts. I made one weak effort at moving the front vertically and it wasn't budging.