View Full Version : Security mechanism on a 2001 X10?

Yves 007
08-31-2011, 10:56 AM
Is it possible that MC has equipped the boats with a security mechanism that prevents the driver to push the throttle beyond 6 mph when the battery is too low, thus alerting him that it's time to go back home?

I am asking because I seem to have problems with my newly acquired 2001 X10 which had been sold to me (by an authorized MC dealer) with a brand new battery that does not seem to keep its charge.

At first, we thought that the tower spotlights were at fault. Again, the same thing happened this weekend with only the...radio on.

At each occasion, the driver could not push the throttle past 6mph and coincidently the battery was low.

Thanks for your feedbacks.

08-31-2011, 10:59 AM
The actual throttle lever does not move forward completely or the boat is in limp mode/safe mode and simply runs at reduced RPMs despite the throttle position?

08-31-2011, 11:17 AM
Any warnings at all (lights, sound, display, codes)????

Not sure on the 2010 but previous years would give you an audible alarm when you had a low voltage issue but you were not put into limp mode.

Yves 007
08-31-2011, 11:40 AM
We can move the throttle forward but while doing so, we clearly feel that the engine does not respond, to the point where it's about to turn off (kind of).
Unfortunetely, we haven't noticed any lights or sound before or at that precise moment. Mainly due to the fact that we did not expect it to happen and were focused on the driving.

Shooter McKevin
08-31-2011, 01:26 PM
Did you check the temp guage? If you are overheating your boat will do this.

Do you have perfect pass? Maybe another culprit.

Yves 007
09-02-2011, 01:45 AM
Yes, I have a Perfect Pass (Star Gazer GPS), but as a matter of fact it has not been well installed and does not function properly. In addition, the PP was on the OFF, so in theory, could not alter the throttle.

You refer to a gauge. Would it be possible that MC has equipped their boats with "oil level" sensors that will automatically put the engine in safe mode when the level is "deemed" to be too low?
We are surfing, therefore using full ballasts which could compromise the oil level when the nose of the boat is way up when we start...

If confirmed, this matter would be independent from my battery problem which could only result in a near to death alternator.
Does this make any sense?

09-02-2011, 04:06 AM
You say that the PP is not well installed.
The PP will do a auto tighten when the boat is switched on. On a 2001 boat you will not have DBW.
The PP works with a servo on your boat. The auto tighten that happens will increase throttle if your throttle is in the forward position.
If voltage is low the servo will not be able to auto tighten, but you would also not be able to start your boat. I think the linkage is stuck and the servo cant pull the dacron cord in and thus although you are applying throttle you see no response from the engine.
With the boat idling push the throtlle forward and after the gear engages you should see a increase in revs, if not then the PP cord is not tight.
Open the hatch locate the servo and switch on the boat. Check the servo and see if it rotates clockwise. If it is trying and not rotating then the cable is stuck. Switch off the boat and rotate the knob clockwise to take up the loose dacron cord. With the boat off you should be able to rotate the knob freely in either direction. If not the servo motor is stuck.
Posible scenario could be that while the battery is fresh the servo motor is able to overcome the resistance in the cable but as the battery gets weak the servo motor no longer can pull back the excess and thus even at full throttle you are only applying a little bit at the throttle body of the engine.
Check out their troubleshooting section at http://www.perfectpass.com

Yves 007
09-02-2011, 10:15 AM
Thank you. That is an impressive diagnosis. It will certainly lead to the root of the problem.
A subsequent event occured: the touch buttons on my PP display would not respond anymore, thus leaving my PP on OFF mode. I did still perform the manual test on the Servo motor, with success.
Today I should receive my repaired display and be able to pursue more tests this weekend.
As well PP is sending me a new throttle return spring.

I concluded that the PP had not been well installed because it does not stop the throtlle past the set speed and does not hold it either.
But in no way I could figure that the battery/alternator problem could impact the PP to the point where it could shut the engine.

Thanks again!

09-02-2011, 10:58 AM

PP does not stop the throttle lever. Ounce you reach the programmed speed, PP takes over and you can push the trottle all the way down and speed should be maintained.

If you keep your boat on the water during the week wihout use, the automatic bilge pump could be responsible for your battery getting discharged even if you have a cover. If so, you need a second battery as a back up.

Good luck!

Yves 007
09-02-2011, 09:50 PM
The PP was on OFF mode (Display circuit being deffective) and the boat sits on a rack. I thank you for the feedback.
Lintwurm got it right. PP confirmed that below 11.5 volts the servo motor will work in safe mode and control the throttle in such way because the dacron cord can't complete its original 3/4 turn.
I just went "deep" in my wallet and purchased a Group 31 AGM Deep cycle battery that will be used for both cranking and supporting the accessories, as I conclude that the Clarion sound system and the spotlights may have severely harmed my brand new regular marine "cranking" battery (went down to 30%).
An AGM battery "accepts gladly" to be recharged by a regular alternator, that's a big plus.
Tomorrow morning I will still perform a test on the alternator by removing one wire off the battery, while the boat runs, just to have peace of mind about my alternator.
I also received my new display a throttle spring from PP. I will be able to perform the other system's tests.
I hope that after all these steps, the family will enjoy the boat again...


Yves 007
09-12-2011, 11:04 AM
I confirm that the original PP installation was erroneous and, combined with a cranking only battery, was the source of all the problems: PP not holding its speed, throttle not functionning properly and even sending the engine into a safe mode.
I ordered another cable from PP and installed it myself. I also did some "minor" modifications to the boat (see picture) which allow the cable to run fluidly without stress.
I also attached a picture of the original PP cable. You will see the permanent damage which was preventing the PP from working efficiently. I also adjusted the PP KDW to 135 in order to compensate for the heavy weight of the ballasts.
My Deep Cycle battery obviously does a great job at keeping its charge. I also tested my alternator (removing a pole while engine turning) with success.
Yesterday we finally got back on the water, all afternoon, and life could not be better!!:)
70617 (Original cable with permanent damage)

(New cable installed)