View Full Version : 03 X-30 Heater Core leaking

08-29-2011, 03:30 PM
Going to take a second look at an 03 X-30 with 140hrs today, working on the final price, but looking to get it for $29500.

The current owner mentioned the heater core is leaking and upon further research this seems to be a fairly common problem. Is there a quick fix out there to get the boat on the water and fix the heater later. Aparently it leaks quite a bit and dont want to deal with that my first time out.

While we are at it, any other things to look out for on a boat like this? Everything else seems to be in great shape, especially for the price.

08-29-2011, 03:36 PM
you should be able to shut off the supply line back in the motor box. the cores can be found on skidim. ask them about the trailer. some 03's had brake issues and there was a service advisory i believe. look closely for oil hub leaks and seal leaks on the back of the rims. check the ballast pumps, make sure they are all filling/draining properly. make sure all the racks work properly. 2003 racks were ifamaous for bending/breaking and they are nearly impossible to replace. there's a guide on here somewhere with a pretty comprehensive check list. good luck!

08-29-2011, 03:38 PM
I bought a 2003 X2 in December for 24K with 180 hours. That seems like a good price, this boat needed nothing - was very well cared for - that sounds like the right price.

Not sure about the heater core BUT, it is DEFINATELY the year that they had vinyl issues - mine is immune - largely because of care, but I have seen plenty of the 2002-2004 that had the seams ripping issue where they got the thread too close together. Again, mine looks like new.

I also know the trailer brakes had issues that year and if you search you may can find it but many have disconnected them altogether to save the costly repair - not sure I would do that on an X30. But you may want to have them serviced - seems like it was something about the calipers sticking. Mine do not work so at least on that note, I can confirm there are likely some issues to deal with. Pics?

08-30-2011, 04:04 PM
For the heater core, you could quite easily bypass the core with a 5/8" - 5/8" hose splice. Probably about $3 at HomeDepot. I split my heater core this past winter, and to avoid ruining a day on the lake, I bypassed the core. You basically take both hoses off the core and join them together. I haven't had to use the heater yet this year, so I haven't had to spend the $120 on a new core.

I was able to do it on my '06 X-30 quite easily - didn't really have to take too many panels off to get to it, the hoses are accessible without removing the heater box. The took quite a bit of pulling to get them off, though...