View Full Version : Fuel Gage Replacement

08-23-2011, 02:43 PM
I recently bought a 2003 Maristar 210VRS and the previous owners informed me that the fuel gage was not working. They had already taken it by a dealer and had the fuel sending unit replaced, and they determined it was a bad gage. However, they did not have the right one in stock at the time to replace it. Well, now it's my issue. I've got the new fuel gage and ready to install. Has anyone ever done this? I know from crawling up under the dash / steering wheel area and looking up there that it will be tough to access. Can you just pop the chrome ring off from around the existing gage and remove it that way, or will I end up having to remove the entire dash panel, thus wanting to make me take it to a dealer? Just looking for someone that has done this and that can confirm it is a relatively easy fix. Thanks!