View Full Version : 2001 X10 New Battery vs Tower spotlights

Yves 007
08-21-2011, 10:52 PM
Quite a unpleasant experience with my newly acquired MC!
We went surfing after supper and my son thought it would be a good idea to try this set of about 6 small but powerful spotlights sitting on top of the tower. After about 15 minutes, my son felt something strange: the throttle dropped dead passed 6mph. He shut the engine, started again and it was OK. At that time I told him to close the spotlights.
10 minutes later, my son shut the engine, for a rider switch. The engine would never start again, we could hear the tick tick of the starter but no fire. Everything else could work (ballasts pumps, blower etc...).
Once towed to shore, we decided to charge the battery. We used the deep cycle 2amp for a good charge. At that moment, we noticed that the battery was only 40% charged. Amazing since earlier that day we had been on the water for about 3 hours.

Later on, once at 65% charged, we decided to test the spotlights. After 5 seconds, the battery fell down to 30%!! Of course during all that time, the boat would never start.

This morning, the battery was fully charged (100%) and the boat started (many times) like if nothing ever happened.

Any thoughts on what may have happened? Any suggestion to avoid a repeat?