View Full Version : Anyone use the Ronix Phoenix Project Board

08-01-2011, 12:24 PM

I currently have a 2011 Ronix One Board with the Ronix one Bindings. I love the board its quick in transition and cuts real hard in the water but I wanted something a little more forgiving on landings. I was considering the Ronix Phoenix Project board as they say its the best of both worlds for a stored energy board. I also heard that slingshot was good but i guess its all opinion. Just looking for someone who has riden that board or maybe and slingshot two and compared the two of them.

Thank You

08-11-2011, 02:44 AM
I havent ridden the Phoenix but have rode most of the Sligshot models til 2011. The flex landings wer def super super soft. The problem for me was that the their Continous Rocker board (Response) was the speed and characteristics I loved, but completely lacked the kick. Their 3 Stage board (recoil) was really slow, but booted you perfectly. Their Hybrid Board (reflex) I really didn;t care for as it had beveled edges and was slow and washy, and was god awful toeside. With the beveled edge I kept burying the nose. However their boards landed so soft I almost kept them. Had I not took the advice of a friend of mine and demoed the totally redesigned 2010/2011 Mana I would still own the Slingshot Recoil. I havent hopped on a Newton or a Hooke yet so can't comment. Slingshot has great Cutomer service and a bomb proof board. The other main reason for not getting on the newer stuff is that no one carries it around here anymore.

Tons of people love them.....they just weren't for me. IT will take some getting used to as they take a little bit longer to release from the wake due to flexing. However once you get that dialed they are a blast.