View Full Version : 2004 Sixam 1.0 67"

east tx skier
07-26-2011, 08:55 PM
I bought this First Generation 2004 67 inch Mapple designed O'Brien Sixam 1.0 in 2009. It has some white marks/scratches on the bottom of the ski that the previous owner told me were from its being beached a couple of times. When I received it, I had concerns that the scratches might be indicative of some cracking within the ski. So I sent it to O'Brien for an inspection. Ultimately, Adam Cord contacted me and told me that the marks on the ski were consistent with its being beached as the seller stated, that they had performed a flex test on the ski and that it had flexed out to its original specs, and that it looked fine to them and that I should go out and ride it and have fun. I rode it for the last month of my 2009 season and all of 2010.

While I like the ski quite a bit, I'm back on my Radar MPD and feel like I am wasting space having this one on the shelf. So it is up for sale.

I have a lot of pictures and can take more if you have anything you want to see better. These pictures make the ski look to be in much more rough of shape than it is. But that is probably for the best. Will upload them soon.

I have enjoyed it and now it's time for someone else to enjoy it. Ski is being sold blank with fin.

Buyer to pay shipping (around $35)to lower 48. Obviously, ski is used and sold AS IS.

Please email me with any questions. I'll be happy to email you more pictures.

Pictures are available here (http://www.ski-it-again.com/php/skiitagain.php?topic=Search&category=Slalom&postid=16173) for now.