View Full Version : Cool Running

07-26-2011, 07:37 PM
My '96 PS 205 always runs great - The same way every time. I've only got 435 hours on a Corvette LT1. This past weekend, it ran 20 degrees cooler than normal 240 v. normal 260 degrees, seemed to be be taking water into bilge, but no leaks from plumbing, shaft log was normal 4 seconds per drip, drain plug tight (lots of kids climbing in from tubing all day long was my guess for bilge water). But the engine is surging at 2k plus rpms, there is a strong smell of fuel. Just a lot of stuff different than normal. My plan is to replace fuel filter, check fuel pump, re-run the blower vent lines as I see they have tears. Surging has to be fuel system related. Any other ideas?