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07-27-2005, 04:49 PM
My dream boat is holding on by a thread. My wife is done with her. After rebuilding the engine last year, then having a blown head gasket the first outing this year, there's not much stopping the boat from hitting the classifides.
Except I'm hard-headed. So to keep the boat any maybe my marriage from hitting dry land I decided to rip her apart. Plus the alternative is a powerboatless, kayak only household. Not under my watch....

With the engine finally sound, at least I hope, I started ripping the old carpet out. New carpet under a woman's feet is a move in the right direction. Is it smart to fill in the old screw holes? Does it matter.

Since I'm going crazy. The vinyl side panels are being replaced. The old ones are completey shot. The rest of the seats are holding up.

I also took off the swim platform, since it was held on with a ratchet strap. I'm going to make my own and figure out how to mount it back more securely. Any ideas?

I broke into the instrument panel and fixed the fuel guage, found out the float was hung up in the tank. Good news, the guage and sending unit are good. Bad news, both speedo's are bad. I replaced the old pickup's, left the hose-air makes it through so I figured they're fine.
Any idea where I can get factory Speedometer guages?

Finally, I'm going to order and replace the rubrail. Any ideas on where to buy the original, aluminum and black rubber insert?

Also, I'm looking for a new rear exhaust vent.
I would also like to find a new bilge lid. The plastic one is broke and I would like something cooler,is there a stainless steel or diamond plate alternative out there?

Finally, I'm replacing the old running boards with new ones and carpet.

Big job for the middle of the summer but it might be what it takes to keep her. Thanks.

07-27-2005, 04:55 PM
Welcome, looks like you got your work cut out for you. I havent rebuilt the engine or platform on my 82, but have done about everything else you are getting into.

For the speedometers, look on ebay. From ime to time there is a seller that still has the Airguides, they even have the MC logo. Since they are out of production, they can be pricey ($125 ea.)

07-27-2005, 05:13 PM
My dream boat is holding on by a thread. My wife is done with her. Big job for the middle of the summer but it might be what it takes to keep her. Thanks.
MBPlease break the news gently to your wife that you'll miss her, but you'll find comfort with the boat. :D :D

Patience is the ticket. I just replaced my carpet. Where I had stripped screw holes, I filled them and drill adjacent to them for a new thread bite. The new carpet will (obviously) not show where the old holes were. There's a good carpet thread here somewhere. One thing I'll go ahead and suggest; remove the old carpet while keeping it in tact as much as possible. Use it as a template for cutting the new. It seems like the new would just fall into place but the template sure makes it much easier, especially nice on the front center section of the floor.

Speedos can be had. I found two last year somewhere on a boat place. I did a search on Airguide and finally ran across a pair. About US$80.00 each.

As for the platform, Remove the fuel cell and place thru-bolts through the hull with aluminum or stainless backing plates inside the transom. Use silicone to seal the bolt holes. Done deal.

Go easy on the wife when breaking the news that the boat is staying.. :D

07-27-2005, 07:06 PM
I just replaced my carpet too -

Here's Sporty's instructions to me (thanks Sporty!):
"I started by cutting the carpet in 3' wide sections, placed it from the inside (engine) out toward the side of the hull by beginning at the rear of the boat coming forward. Anywhere I had a slight mismatch, I slit the carpet just enough to allow it to fit and was very careful about minimizing the cut, and I tried to cut up as high as I could in the event that the edges did not match back together (and most all did match back well), that any odd looking cut was up under or behind the side rails that will be (re)attached when completed. Have patience and don't try to make it perfect. Be precise and allow the carpet to work itself together. You'll never see any cuts that will be obvious. Remember that the old carpet was laid in before there was a top placed on the hull and the factory had no restrictions on how much they used. They made it look easy (as one was removing the carpet). Good luck as I hope this may help you a bit."

It really is pretty easy if you:
1. take the 6' wide carpet & cut it down the middle.
2. work from the center out.
3. make sure the 'grain' is all going the same direction
4. I wouldn't worry about a template - my old carpet was shot & offered no help - I don't think I needed it.
4. have adhesive remover handy for clean up (if you get some of that goo on you foot and track it all over the new carpet - don't ask)

jrandal & mag have a thread here somewhere that also helped me a lot.
-thanks guys

07-28-2005, 01:57 PM
Thanks for the help. Let the games begin.

07-28-2005, 03:17 PM
Tell you what, Just put it all in some boxes, let me know what you want for it like it sits and I'll come pick it up. Your wife will be happy and you can go get a newer boat.