View Full Version : timing reverse rotation 350 chev flywheel

07-20-2011, 12:53 PM
Hi all,

For being one of the most common engines on the planet - I am amazed that I am not finding more on this topic!

My 1973 Mastercraft with a 350 Chev engine (reverse rotation) PCM Pleasure Craft Marine has a rubber cover that is pulled off of the rear of the engine to expose the timing mark on the flywheel. There is a shiny metal plate on the bottom side of this 3 inch square opening that has a timing arrow on the right and and the left edges of this opening. Neither arrow has an "timing degrees." I can the maximum rpm's (at idle speed) by rotating the distributor closer to the arrow on the right hand side (Starboard side) of this opening. If I then shine the light on the timing marks on the front of the engine - the harmonic balancer mark is shows up about 1/3 away around the balancer on the port side - far away from the +/- 10degree timing index on the timing chain cover. Someone did tell me to disregard the front timing marker on reverse rotation chev 350 engine and just time it to maximize engine speed. I would certainly appreciate any comments and/or suggestions.