View Full Version : Gas reading failure

07-17-2011, 05:40 PM
Yesterday we were on the lake for the 4th time with a brand new x-15, filled the tank up before we put in and about halfway through the day i got a low fuel alarm on the big system. Looked down and the gage was reading empty. I checked the fuel tank and it had about three quarters of a tank left. I then performed a gauge diagnostic on all of the gauges and they read right so i know that it isant the . What part actually sends the fuel level to the gauges? We finished the rest of the day just checking the fuel tank but i am a little concerned about this after four days of operation. I kinda expected this from my 1988 but when you buy a new boat it seams like it should be ok for 4 trips. Anyone out there had the same problem with the new boats?

07-18-2011, 08:23 AM
Boats are boats and fuel level gauges have been a problem on every boat I've had (with one exception) over the course of 30 years and 11 boats. As with most of these errors the culprit is most likely the the sensor in the tank. It's either flaky or out of adjustment. In the past I've replaced and or adjusted the sensor on almost every boat I've owned with marginal to good results but never perfect. I certainly wouldn't trust a single one of them (with the exception of the notched stick we used on an old Correct Craft Mustang that we stuck in the tank before heading out).

As this is a new boat I'd just chalk it up to a warranty item and have the dealer fix it. With the added complexity of the boats they're building these days you're bound to have several small items that will need attention. While it's difficult to endure these types of little annoying problems on a new expensive boat it is after all boating and these things are just part of the whole boating experience. Hope you enjoy your new boat. Good luck!

07-18-2011, 08:47 AM
I realize that stuff breaks i am not to bent out of shape about it cause we just used sight level to finish having a good time. I was more curious if this is a common problem on the new boats, i am taking it down to the dealer today so that they can fix it. With the quality of mastercrafts i didnt expect something like this to happen the fourth trip out. I guess that my expectations of things are a little bit biased because of the line of work that i do where everything has to be perfect all of the time or everyone flips out. Thanks for the response i figured that everyone that has been reading this has been thinking that i am just flippining out about a problem with a boat. Everyone knows what Boat stands for and if you cant laugh about the situation then you shouldnt own a boat Thanks again