View Full Version : Removing Gauges (X1) Step by step

07-15-2011, 11:43 AM
I decided on my first day of vacation I would replace the Perfect Pass LCD which was the older version for the new bluish / white LCD.

Before anyone says anything, I went with the white bezel mainly because of all the issue I have had with heat down here in FL. See my boat cover thread(s)...

Small flat head screw driver
Philips head
3/32 Allen key
5/16 socket
Zip Tie (for wrapping the PP wire)
Wirecutters (for cutting the ziptie)

Removing the dash involves popping out the 3 black plastic rivets. Use the small screw driver to gently lift the rivet. Once lifted, the rivets are easily removed by hand.

Next, unscrew the 2 lower screw by the steering column.

The dash does not have much play so be careful not to pull wires out of the ignition or switches.

You should have enough room so that you can wiggle your hand through the port side.

This is what the back of the gauges look like

The first 6 "vanity" screws have lock nuts and washers. The last 10, yes I said 10, have nylon butterfly nuts. The butter fly nuts can be removed by hand. Use the 3/32 allen key to unscrew the lock nuts using a 5/16 socket to keep the lock nut from slipping.

Remove the "vanity" plastic or aluminum cover (for the fancy folk).

Gauges will be loose once the "vanity" plastic is removed.

Perfect Pass had a long wire which connect to a harness below the dash. All the other gauges have a quick release plug.

Replace "vanity" plastic, replace all nuts and butterfly nuts.

I highly recommend testing all dash switches and gauges prior to screwing down the dash.