View Full Version : Double knee repair..... Update

Jeff Lyman
07-12-2011, 09:23 PM
22 weeks since double knee surgery and I finally skied July 4th for the first time. For those who dont remember I tore both knee caps from my quads in a Volleyball spike Jan 17th. After 3 holes drilled in each knee cap and tied back together I hobbled with crutches for 10 weeks.

Therapy was twice a week untill week 12 then my own therapy and spinner bike rideing. Still therapy at home and the gym once a week to keep flexable the biggest problem. It wont be until next season that I will slalom ski at the level I did. Absolutly NO course skiing this year. Crossing the wake now is almost painfull, slow crosses are the only way for a while.

If you knees hurt get them checked out now, I hope nobody else has to go through this. On a positive note I'm saving alot of gas and hours on my old Prostar!

Take care fellow MC owners.... :)

07-12-2011, 11:37 PM
Good to here your doing so well. Hope you continue to improve.