View Full Version : Limp mode in 96 PS205: what can cause it?

07-11-2011, 12:23 PM
As a follow-up to an earlier post about limp mode in a 96 PS205.
What can cause limp mode on a 96 Indmar 350 PS205? No dash light on the dash for either transmission temperature or check engine light. I did try and jump the OBDI terminals to read any stored codes, but I could not get the light to blink. Maybe the bulb is bad: should it light when turning on the key?

I am assuming the following, but would appreciate comments on other things to check.
Oil pressure: Gauge is reading correctly on dash no reason to believe it is oil pressure.

Temperature: Gauge on dash is reading 140. It is not overheating, but I did replace the non-dash gauge sensor (it is mounted starboard side on the block above the drain plugs). It still could be this sensor, but I have read on this site different resistance readings for the sensor. It measure 22K at ambient.

Knock sensor: I could remove sensor and replace with a plug. I did run the boat without it plugged in with no change.

Crank position sensor: Would this cause a limp mode? Where is it located and how to test on my boat?

Any other sensors that could cause the problem? A little history is that we put on several hours of use over the 4th. We took a wave over the bow and took on some water. We ran the bilge and continued to use the boat. It was working fine, but ~1.5-2 hours later is when the limp mode started. Could be related to the water or just a coincidence.