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07-08-2011, 05:12 PM
First of all, I'm not here to bash at all, but trying to get some information. Here's the story:

After hearing great things about Jim at Viper Customs, I called him a few times and he answered his phone every time. His quotes were very reasonable (among the lowest I got) and was prompt getting me samples of great looking vinyl. So, I sent my 96' PS190 skins to him. and they were received over 4 weeks ago. 15 days ago I called and he said they should be done in the next few days. Two weeks later, Jim is not returning my messages and his mailbox is full every other time I call.

From everything I've heard he seems like a standup guy and I hope all is well in his shop, but what should I do? Does anyone in TN know if he's alright?

07-08-2011, 05:26 PM
You should put out a post or a request here on this forum and find some members located in his city or area. I am sure you can get someone to go to his shop and see what's going on......

07-08-2011, 05:57 PM
Hi Lazer - I just had my work done by Jim - my perceptions exactly the same as yours - he is truly a stand-up guy, and his work quality is exceptional. He also is a relatively small shop owner, and he got hit by a Tornado in March - levelled a good deal of his shop and backed up many of his repair work customers by months. He never told me this, but if you google his name, there is a news article about it with a photo.

I had hoped to have my boat on the water by the 4th, and he missed it by a day (stuff got here on tuesday the 5th) -- but that was about a month later than expected. I spoke to him one night about this (before we missed the date) and he was candid to say that many of his employees have been dealing with the aftermath of the destruction there -- so his shop hasn't been at 100%, and his estimated due dates are slipping.

I know it doesnt help us as the precious summer days are slipping away, but I do know that he is pulling extra long hours to try and cover the gaps in his staff - and i'm guessing his full voicemail box is related to the dozens of folks like you and I that are all watching the summer days tick by.

07-08-2011, 07:00 PM
broncotw i have had 3 boats done by viper customsrs and had great luck i will be by his shop on wednesday if you want i will run by there and see what the deal is for you if that helps you at all. I know he did get hit by the tornado because i had a trailer totaled and he has been working his but off trying to get things back in order and still work on boats. I will let you know wednesday what i find out. If you want pm me your phone number and i will call you on that day. Sorry I cant get out there before then but im out of town.t I understand your frustration espically when the summer is ticking but ill try and help out as much as possible

07-08-2011, 07:01 PM
sorry i meant to send that post out to lazerhawk not broncotw

07-08-2011, 07:56 PM
I've heard good things about viper... it's not a fly by night show and if there is something wrong I'm sure it will come clean.

07-08-2011, 08:30 PM
Thanks so much for the information fellas. He's been so upstanding until now that I worried he was in the hospital or something.

Jasonba1, I'll owe you several dozen karma points (redeemable for beers and tows behind a newly restored Prostar anytime you're in Jackson Hole) for anything you can find out. I'll PM you my number.

07-09-2011, 12:58 AM
I can also have nothing but good things to say about Jim, he is a friend of mine, and I needed help last week, he was so busy and wasnt able to help me. Give him some time, he is doing the best he can.

07-09-2011, 07:53 AM
no problems lazerhawk im sure jim has been just been busy but ill find out for you for sure. Have a great weekend

07-09-2011, 07:54 AM
if im ever in jackson hole i will defintly take you up on the karma points