View Full Version : Did I set my Perko switch up correctly?

07-06-2011, 01:20 AM
Hi guys and gals,

I'm new to the board but hopefully I can get some help anyways.:)

I set up a second battery and Perko switch yesterday.

Battery 1 went to post 1 on Perko

Battery 2 went to post 2 on Perko.

Battery 2 is grounded to battery 1.

Where I'm kind of confused is hooking up the starter to the common post (per the diagram in the instructions). I only had one positive cable connected to the original battery's pos terminal. I attached that cable to the common post.

I think that's wrong though. Is that cable the ignition/starter or is it the alternator cable or is it both (connected somewhere under my floor board)?

If it is both the starter and the alternator cable, i assume I need to follow that cable back to where they are joined and separate them. After separating them, only connect the starter cable to post 1.

.....or is it ok the way it is?