View Full Version : MDC box / gauge testing?

07-05-2011, 10:23 AM
Having some issues with my gauges and im going to blame humidity / rain.

The temp / oil / fuel and battery gauge will turn on and give good reading, then eventually they will turn off (needle moves to far left) every once in a while they will come back on, or just stay off for the remaining of the time out on the boat.

I disconnect my 2nd battery and removed the battery doctor and hooked up everything as if there was only 1 battery, same issue.

I think the MDC box might have gotten wet during one of our bad storms (as the boat was uncovered =( )...

So is there a way to test the box without taking the boat to the dealer? Can i just bring them the box ? The local mastercraft dealer says i need to bring the whole boat which is a pain.

Maybe Jim or Chuck at BAWS will let me mail the box to them for testing =P ... what ya say guys!