View Full Version : Finally Slalomed behind my 93 Prostar

07-03-2011, 11:57 AM
Bought this boat last year and have been working towards skiing behind it. Finished the boat last year and it is a good boat. I still could do a few more cosmetics. Got a few small place still in the gelcoat could be repaired. That is this winters project. I haven't been on a slalom in twenty years but that changed yesterday. History--started skiing at eight and skied at least once a week and most times at least five times a week till I was thirty five years old almost year around. Surfed summer and winter also. I still have my old slaloms but decided to get a new Connelly to fit my weight and age. I bought a Big Daddy and it is a miniature surf board with boots. Got up on the second try yesterday with a novice boat driver. After I got her to slow the boat down to 34 mph---I had a blast. If I drop enough weight I may go back to my old Connelly slaloms. This Big Daddy was easy to get up on but is slow on a rocker. The Prostar wake is one of the flattest wakes I have ever crossed. Great to be back on a ski even at fifty five years old. Glad I have been working out but my muscles are tight this morning. So far this year I have skied and been on the hydroslide. I can still do 360's on the hydroslide, but I am not doing much air. Hurts too much. The wakeboard is next. Been looking at utube and I think I understand the concept. Bought one two weeks ago and I think I figured it out. My question is about the airchair. How hard is that to do and how much strain does it put on the back when compared to everything else? I love this Mastercraft. I can't believe how much I had missed playing on the water--now my hunting and fishing are suffering.

07-03-2011, 03:30 PM
The air chair is very easy on your body until you start to get inverted, then it can beat you to death in a hurry - or not. But be warned once you start down the hydrofoil path get ready to spend money - on upgraded foils and gas because you can ride for 30 (or more) minutes at a time. They are extremely fun at all skill levels and you can ride in chop because you are above the water. If you don't already own one I suggest a sky ski pro or launch, over the entry level air chair. Much better set-up.