View Full Version : Perfect Pass display Problems

07-03-2011, 11:34 AM
Below is a link to a picture of our perfect pass display. It looks like this sometimes, but other times the display is mostly normal but has two lines running horizontally through it.

The major issue is that the system will not engage. Once we turn Perfect Pass on and try and throttle up the engine it surges briefly and then idles back down. We upgraded to Star gazer b/c Perfect Pass thought the issue was associated with our paddlewheel and the problem persisted.

We then had the engine computer sent back to Crusader to "program" it for Perfect Pass, but that did not correct the problem either. We have had no luck getting it resolved at two different Mastercraft dealers, so I was hoping someone could offer another suggestion.


07-03-2011, 07:45 PM
The lines in the display come with heat and humidity. Had that problem when my boat was in Louisiana. Since you have upgraded to SG based on a communication with PP I recommend that you contact PP for trouble-shooting advice. It is better than talking to some guy in India about your PC. Talk to the experts.

07-04-2011, 10:03 AM
Thanks Skipper. I have talked with the guys at perfect pass about this issue they are still perplexed.

I think the problem is my engine is a crusader which scares the pants off of most shops. When testing the wiring a dealer made it to the engine bilge harness. Mastercraft harness into a crusader harness. He says he can't get the wiring information from crusader.

I hope there are other crusader owners out there that may can help.