View Full Version : Towing 06 X2 with the tower down and cover on?

06-26-2011, 02:24 PM
So making the trek up to WA this coming week and thinking about rollin with the tower down. Figure save a little fuel mileage and ALOT of bug splatter cleanup.
I've pulled the 190 with the tower down no problem before on long trips.
Front is easy, leave the bimini on to keep the legs together, pad it up good where it hits the deck and bungee down to the trailer.
The rear is where I could use some advice from someone who's done it before. The tower with the speakers on it is prety heavy and don't want to risk leaving a big permanent divot in the sun deck padding, so I was thinking, wrap a big piece of scrap plywood I have in some towels. Lay that on the sundeck before covering the boat. Then when I lay the tower down, it will spread the load out considerably on the sundeck. Bungee it down to the trailer.
Anyone got any better suggestions than that?

SInce i hate towing with the cover on (black boat, scratches just looking at it the wrong way), but will have a bunch of crap in the boat that I don't want visible and don't want to have to cover/uncover it several times, especially with the tower down, I'm looking for any other suggestions on how to protect the boat finish.
Already planning to put some swim noodles over the windshield frame, that was scuffed when I bought the boat, polished them out.
Going to wrap the deck allthe way around where the cover touches with some wide shrink wrap I got, extending ddown onto the gunnels a little to get past where the cover cinches up. Thnk that should take care of it, but anything else I might do to make sure it doesn't scuff up anywhere?

06-26-2011, 02:43 PM
I wouldn't advise towing with the tower down. Why not Saran wrap the tower to keep the bugs off? As for the cover not scratching the boat we have been shipping boats with a clear shrink wrap tape around the rub rail of the boat. You can get it in 8" wide rolls, works great!

06-26-2011, 02:55 PM
Yeah, I heard/read a few times that towing with the tower down is no good. Think of it as like a broken roll bar in a car. If the roll bar is intact it has more strength and with it broken the bars can move a round more. That extra movement is what damages the boat, possible the gel coat.

06-26-2011, 04:57 PM
Good points. I'll re-think leaving it down and just shrink wrap/blue tape to keep the 3 days of bugs off of it.
Appreciate the insight, thanks.

06-26-2011, 09:06 PM
no help on the bugs issue but..............
we tow ours varying distances and we have a mastercraft travel cover.........
"rubbing" occurs when the cover moves around......
our cover has a tie down 1" strap either side of the cover which snaps and pulls tight at the front edge of the mudguard on the trailer to a stainless steel bracket........
the other thing I noticed......our cover at the rear had only two pull downs either side of the ratchet strap and no matter how tight you pulled the tie downs at the rear and the ratchet straps, it would ride up in the rear...
I got an upholsterer mate of mine to add a third strap in the centre rear which ties down to the rear aluminium step and this keeps it secure and tight.....(saw this on a cover of a 2008 model year boat)
the cover also has a plastic "air exctractor" sown in either side of the cover to expel any air (not sure whether your model year has this)

the only scuff mark we have suffered is when one of the side straps was not tighthened down properly to the mudguard and it "bounced" around of the side of the hull..... thank god for 3M products!!

06-26-2011, 10:08 PM
My cover has the 3rd strap in the rear, so good there. I can't find the 2 side straps, but will cinch it down there with some rope or bungees. I know what the cover is capable of doing to the gel. Orid owner was clueless and towed it everywhere with the cover on. I got 6-8 hrs into those scuffs already and not done yet!

I just shrink wrapped/taped the crap out of the tower. Took less time than it takes to clean everything.
Tower is staying up. That rear section just weighs too much with the racks and 4 speakers.

Thanks for the tips guys. I'd much rather be towing it to the lake than X country, but Fri Sat Sun Mon will all be on new lakes, so that should help!