View Full Version : CD Changer Volume Very Low

06-21-2011, 05:10 PM
I have a pioneer rf cd changer with an Alpine head unit with tape. The cd changer was playing fine last year when I put the boat away but this year I have not been able to get sound from the changer. When I tune it to 89.1 (which is what Iíve always tuned it to) I can very very faintly hear the music. It doesnít matter what volume I have the head unit at. I donít know much about rf cd changers but I canít find any loose connections or anything that has changed since I put the boat away in the fall. Iím going to use this as the perfect excuse to upgrade, but I probably wonít do that until after the summer so Iíd like to get the changer working for the rest of this summer if possible. Anybody have any clue whatís wrong???